Dogsbody Grooming Team

Kristina -

I’m Kristina, the owner of Dogsbody. It’s been a crazy 9 years so far! This year I will be competing in a dog grooming competition - those of you who know me, know that this is pushing me WAY out of my comfort zone. I am looking forward to the next chapter in our new salon! ☺️ I couldn’t do it without my team.

Rhiannon -

She has been working with us since June 2016. At just 18 when she started! She has learned so much and become an asset to our team. Rhiannon can groom all breeds competently and to a highly professional standard.

Jolene -

Jolene has been with us since September 2017. She preps the dogs to a high standard. It’s her job to check over the dogs make sure their fit and healthy, anything she finds, gets reported back to me. she’s also our dog nail technician!

Karen -

Karen is a very enthusiastic member of our team, she has been with us for over 1 year now. She comes to work with a huge smile everyday. It is her job to prep and bath the dogs to a high standard. her customer service is excellent.